What we do...

First and foremost here at Peter Grigsby Photography we tell stories. Visual stories. We put our hearts, souls, and minds into every one and get just as excited about the next as we did our very first. We work extremely hard to give you something different. Something better. Something unexpected. We are loyal, flexible, passionate, and addicted to what we do. We help build amazing brands by telling beautiful stories. We love what we do. It’s just that simple. We are a full service, one stop shop for both still photography and motion production.



Audemars Piguet, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, The BWM Group, National Geographic, The New York Times, Fast Company Magazine, Time.com, The State of California, The Los Angeles Times, Getty Images, University of Southern California, Oak productions, Nestle-Waters, Visit California, Westime, and the Dewey-Square Group among others.


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